The Small Business Advantage: Local SEO Midland TX

The Small Business Advantage: Local SEO Midland TX


The next five years (2021-2025) will be the most significant for digital marketing. “Digital marketing” is a term that we can’t afford to ignore if we want our company’s growth. However, the question persists: How may Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) help us expand our business?

The most obvious response is that local SEO efforts are designed to get your company’s website the most hits possible, positioning it near the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). When a person searches for a phrase on Google, an SEO-optimized website has a higher probability of ranking in the first page.

In this post, we’ll look at local SEO and how working with Instant Empire Marketing may help your company. Read the whole piece to discover everything there is to know about it.

Local SEO- What you need to know!

Over the last several years, map SEO (also known as local SEO) has been gaining a lot of popularity. This type of SEO utilizes a variety of linkages and keywords to enhance your company’s profile. Local SEO optimization tactics include:

1. NAP – Name, address, and phone number of your business.

2. Link-building and other engagements using your Google My Business profile.

3. Geotagging images.

According to a Forbes study, 30-40 percent of customers now look for local businesses using maps. You can use Local SEO techniques to help your company gain significant exposure on the map while also taking full advantage of the situation.

The Benefits of Local SEO Optimization

  • Reach More Customers

SEO is all about getting your company in front of the right people. This objective may be reached by doing it the correct way, allowing our business to attract more consumers. As a result of improved SEO, your company’s ranking in search engine results pages increases, which leads to more visitors to your online profile and increased sales for your firm.

  • Specific customers for your particular products 

Customers may be searching for the same goods or services as yours right now, and you could have no idea. Instant Empire Marketing you local SEO Midland TX aids in the connection of these relevant consumers looking for similar services to your own.

  • Traffic growth 

More traffic to your business profile will be generated through local SEO. Even though not all traffic may be converted into sales, we can still consider something to be better than nothing at all for the sake of convenience. With more visitors to your company profile, you’ll have a greater opportunity to sell your products and services.

  • Better reach to the targeted audience 

When you employ the ideal keywords for your company’s online exposure, you increase your chances of reaching out to a targeted audience. As a result, People seeking for a certain product or service will discover your business on the internet and be directed to your marketplace.

  • Increased conversion rates 

Local company SEO services assist you in increasing your conversion rates. This occurs when your website gets more visitors. The visitors are only at the website because you put something there so they would visit it. This happens because of improved targeting and better tools for local business owners.

  • Get ahead of the competition 

There will be several local small and medium enterprises competing in the same market, providing similar services. Some may use a Local SEO marketing company’s services to improve their local online presence, while others would rely on more traditional methods. In this digital era, we can already tell which businesses will dominate in the marketplace, the ones with great web design and quality local SEO.

Instant Empire Marketing can help your company achieve a lasting advantage in the market by assisting you with local SEO in West Texas.

  • Generate brand awareness 

Instant Empire Marketing understands how local SEO improves your online exposure, therefore consumers interested in finding out more about your company will see your profile at the top of search results. The more prominent the result will be on the SERPs, the more aware people will be of your brand.

  • User-friendly website experience 

Your firm’s online profile SEO may be improved by employing the services of top SEO company Texas. Our digital marketing services will provide a superior user experience on most of the search engines if it has improved SEO. Google tends to rank that specific website higher in the search results that include the most relevant information for a user’s query. Your business attracts more consumers and ensures a more memorable experience in the process.

  • Low-cost marketing for high market reach 

Local SEO services in Midland Texas from Instant Empire Marketing help you boost your online visibility. It can also be free for you if you’re able to accomplish it on your own. However, if you don’t have the confidence to do it yourself, you may hire a local business SEO firm to assist.

  • Sustained business growth 

Local SEO efforts result in more visitors to your business profile and better rankings on the SERPs, resulting in increased sales and more marketing leads. With improved brand value and greater sales possibilities, we create a continuous cycle for company expansion. As a result of improved brand value and increased sales opportunities, local SEO may be considered as a consecutive step to achieve long-term business growth.

  • Measurable SEO results 

Keeping all of the data for future analysis is a good method to stay ahead in the race. Instant Empire Marketing is a company that helps you get on the internet. They can tell you how your company is doing online and what you should do to improve.

It’s time to unlock the potential of your small business!

Small companies should concentrate on targeted specific marketing techniques in order to advance in the local market. Local SEO might be the most profitable approach for putting your local business in the spotlight. It can bring people to your items and services in the long run.. Now that we’ve learned about all of the benefits of local SEO solutions for our small company, it’s time to take action and make our local business stand out from the crowd.

It’s often a good idea to seek out local digital marketing agency now, since you may benefit substantially from their SEO experts. Fortunately, due to the fact that our company specializes in search engine optimization for small businesses and entrepreneurs all across Texas, we can help your business get found locally and online. To discover how Instant Empire Marketing can help your small business achieve the top ranks on Google, contact us at (432)741-1971.

Written by Christopher Taylor , Instant Empire Marketing 11-1-21

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Social Media Marketing: Your gateway into your customers phone!

Social Media Marketing: Your gateway into your customers phone!

As small business owners, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to get our company’s name in front of more people. In recent years, social media has shown great promise in increasing small firm growth. Its impact has grown even further, and it is no longer possible to ignore its presence in commercial circles. Small businesses have utilized social media marketing in order to increase the visibility of their company and establish a loyal customer base.

Consider if you’re a small company owner who hasn’t yet started using social media marketing. It’s time to engage the services for small businesses to more effectively connect with your existing clients and attract new ones.

Small company social media marketing tactics typically provide more advantages over large enterprises. It’s possible because to the fact that social media effectiveness is proven to create more business interactions. There won’t be any success in social media marketing platforms if a company doesn’t interact with its consumers.

Let’s Create a Bigger Target to Hit!

Small companies have a variety of characteristics that set them apart from big enterprises. These firms are more concerned with the community and individual needs of their clients. They want to be more involved in their communities so they may interact with their consumers’ projects.

Small firms enjoy being members of their local chambers of commerce, and they sometimes collaborate on marketing efforts with other small businesses. These firms typically have a social media presence as well, which they use to display information that’s relevant to the community around them. This strategy encourages consumers to follow your company online and interact with you on a more personal level.

Small companies may use Instant Empire Marketing’s social media marketing services to interact with potential consumers online. Small and medium-sized enterprises can reach out and engage with their customers in a more personal style than large businesses. Online social media has several advantages for small and medium-sized enterprises that allow them to distribute items and services to a wide audience.

 Does Everyone Know Your Brand?

Small businesses should make the most of social media as a low-cost method to increase brand awareness and develop new customers. You may quickly produce a presentation of your firm online, influencing the thoughts of your customers. Most social media is free to use, and they only ask that you invest time in promoting your business. However, many small companies neglect to utilize social media marketing.

When you add your firm’s name and logo to social media marketing, it helps find potential clients who may not even know that the company exists. Social media can help raise consumer awareness for a new company and spread the word about its products and services. Small Businesses can use social media to demonstrate their authority on a certain subject. Consumers need the most trusted names in social media today, which many small businesses are able to provide.

Give Customers Something New

It’s essential for your business to stay fresh and remain relevant in the minds of existing clients and new consumers alike. Customers always want something new, and social media is one of the most accessible ways to discover new products and services.

Small businesses can utilize Instant Empire Marketing’s social media marketing services to stay innovative in their industry. Although it’s difficult to beat large enterprises that have a wider reach, small companies have a better chance at being dynamic thanks to social platforms.

Social media has become an everlasting trend in the business world. It’s the most effective way for your customers to get in touch with you. Social media can make life easier for consumers by allowing them to research products and services before they commit to a purchase. So why not give them what they want?

 Least expensive source of marketing 

Although certain social media marketing campaigns may cost you money, the majority of social media marketing tools are free to use for commercial purposes. To market your company on the internet, you may utilize premium features to target specific regions and audiences that are results driven. As a result, by paying only for those targeted marketing areas that are most important to your company’s growth,

With Instant Empire Marketing’s social networking services for small firms, you can pick your budget and target your marketing efforts on a local level. A small company can focus on its local region with local social media marketing, saving costs over national advertising.

In today’s time, social media has become an important tool in marketing. You may use it to contact your local consumers and create goodwill for your company. They may also help your business by encouraging others to share their experiences on social networking sites.

Boost Your Website Traffic and SEO Rankings

Using social media campaigns, has been shown to improve website traffic for your company profile. In this digital age, almost 70% of the youth spend their time on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. It’s been verified that the more Facebook likes your company receives online, the higher its search engine ranking will be.  Utilizing social media management services through a social media marketing agency will help boost your web design seo and offer further services that will assist in search engine optimization.

Content Is King

Instant Empire Marketing, as a premier social media agency texas, recognizes this, and search engines have recently adjusted their search engine algorithms to give greater importance to content. Content marketing will not only prove your company’s expertise in the industry, but also give you an opportunity to perfect your message and ensure it is reaching the right people.

When you use social media marketing for small businesses, chances are high that you’ll receive a good return on investment. If you want to take advantage of this great opportunity and use social media

It’s important to keep your site refreshed and updated with fresh, new content that holds people’s interest. You can accomplish this by utilizing social media for public relations and branding purposes. It will even help you earn the loyalty of potential customers who may return on a regular basis to check out your latest updates.

Boost Your Sales

The objective of social media marketing midland is to attract more people to your small company brand. Also boosting client interaction, as well as opening up new sales channels for your business profile. The greater number of likes, shares, and recommendations for your material on various social networking platforms raises revenue for your items and services.

 A better audience insight

Midland, TX-based social media services firm Instant Empire Marketing aids in the development of a company’s target audience. Instant Empire Marketing helps your business better identify clients, through market research, with distinct interests by utilizing different social media marketing tools. Your small business will be able to develop targeted campaigns to reach out to its consumers without spending a lot on traditional marketing and advertising methods.

Final Takeaway

Many people believe that social media can only help large businesses, not small ones, which discourages their use for marketing small companies online. By allowing your small firms to have greater connection with consumers, social media may assist you get higher profits in the long-term.

If you have a small company that wants to be well-known in the market using a social media marketing company, Instant Empire Marketing is the place to go. We can help you develop your business. You may get in touch with Instant Empire Marketing for an appointment if you want to learn more about how social media may help your small firm grow.

Written by Christopher Taylor – Instant Empire Marketing 11-2-21

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Why call to actions make sales!

Why call to actions make sales!

The call to action, also known as the CTA, has become an important element of each exciting marketing campaign. The question still exists, however: What is it? Why and how does it help a small business generate more revenue?

To grasp that, Instant Empire Marketing delivers all of the information you need to know about how CTAs aids in converting potential consumers into buyers and generating more sales on this subject.

What is CTA?

The call to action is often mistaken for the entire content marketing campaign. A CTA, however, is just one part of it. It only represents the effect of an effective marketing campaign that includes several elements- not just single sales pitch or sales copy. It’s what makes potential customers act on your advertising by clicking on the call to action CTA to get more information, make a purchase or sign up for an email list.

The purpose of this action is to simply let them feel like they are in control and give them enough time to make an informed decision about your product or service. The CTA mostly consists of text that is written with keywords that will entice the reader into clicking on the link. The text will normally include words like “free,” “buy” or “sign up here.”

What CTAs do for business?

The CTA is an essential feature of digital marketing midland campaigns because it makes people act even if they are not ready to buy right away. This simple action gives them time to get back to you, which is why it’s important to have a lot of different CTAs. The more chances you give them and the more options they get, the better your chances of converting potential customers into actual consumers and generating revenue.

  • Leads towards your marketing goal 
  • Helps people recognize what to do next
  • Ensures that your marketing has a purpose

How can a business implement this?

CTAs are highly important for companies that deal with selling their products or services online. Whether you have a business website or a blog post, you should make it a point to use the CTA element in your campaigns to generate more sales and improve your conversion rates.

There are many ways that can help you implement CTAs into your marketing campaign:

A) Your website’s homepage should be designed with calls to action. This is the first thing that your visitors will see when they land on your site, so it’s important to make sure you have a CTA on each page.

B) Messaging and email marketing can also be improved by including more CTAs in them. Remember that CTAs do not only work on your site but everywhere where your potential customers can see them. You should take advantage of using several types of CTAs throughout your different marketing campaigns and include more such as video, audio and social media CTAs.

C) Do not limit yourself to only verbal CTA campaigns; it’s also important to add visuals to your strategy. Using pictures, graphics or even videos with a call to action is a great way to entice people into clicking your cta button.

Advantages of using calls to actions in content marketing strategies

1) They create an instant connection with the customer

2) They provide valuable information about your product or service at first glance

3) It’s free and easy to use, which makes it very efficient for small business owners

4) A CTA provides you with the potential to generate more revenue for your business and improve your click through rate

You should also note that choosing the right words is important when writing a call to action. Most of them are written in imperative form, which means they are command words that leave no room for interpretation. They get straight to the point and are designed to tell potential customers what to do next.

When used properly, a CTA can help your business convert more visitors into paying customers and make them feel like they’re in control of the process. This small element of marketing is highly effective because it helps you create an instant connection with your target market and provide valuable information about your product or service that would otherwise be difficult to explain through your written piece of content.

CTAs provide you with the opportunity to generate more revenue for your business no matter how big or small it is. If you’re planning on using CTAs in upcoming marketing campaigns, remember that they need to stand out and be easy for potential customers to spot. You should also use several types of CTAs to give your visitors more options and choose the right words for every call to action.

How does a call to action works?

The most basic use of CTA in sales is “BUY NOW!” However, sales are not the only place where CTA is beneficial for a business. If your business offers expensive products and services, it can take time to encourage your customers to purchase a product.

A call to action that works like a road map for promoting sales can be helpful. For example, you can say, “Contact us for a free quote.”

A CTA helps your small business to create a mail list, increase your business’s social media platforms following, attract more readers to your online business profile, increase use of search engines, and much more. A marketing call to action phrases can include action verbs like: 

  • Click here for
  • Sign up 
  • Subscribe 
  • Buy
  • Register
  • Call
  • Donate
  • Order 
  • Share
  • Download
  • Follow


Instant Empire Marketing experts suggest you make sure that every page of your business site or landing page, every sale conversion, and each printed marketing material includes an easy-to-understand call to action. One useful method to get your business audience to take action quickly is to add a sense of fear and urgency to your CTA online marketing while creating brand awareness. It can include phrases like: 

  • Offer expires soon
  • Limited period offer
  • Act now before stock runs out
  • Respond before Nov 30 to enroll at this exclusive price


What makes a CTA successful?

The successful CTA for sales comes with the thinking of what you want your customers to do next. As a business owner, you will want them to do so many things like- buy from you, call you, visit you, and much more.

But for each CTA attempt made for the call to action marketing, a small business owner will have to think about an essential thing they want their customers to do as soon as they see their marketing. You need to see from your customer’s point of view and figure out what will encourage someone to get to the next step of CTA?  Build a mock case study and play with different configurations.

Make sure to give your audience one call to action only in a particular marketing program. Multiple uses of call to action for sales can confuse them and lead them to take no action at all. Suppose you are running a paper advertisement to get more people to reach out to your business for free assistance, claiming offers, etc., your CTA will motivate them to take action. You can also test with different CTAs to determine which one turns out to be most successful for your marketing campaign. 

If you are using online marketing platforms, your call to action in sales can get your audience to click on a link. Your CTA is supposed to be clear to your audience and specify the action your customers are supposed to do next. For example- “click to know more,” “request for a free quote,” or “sign up for free.”

Main elements of a successful CTA

For a successful and effective CTA, Instant Empire Marketing a digital marketing agency in Midland Texas suggests these few essential rules to follow: 

  • Don’t make too wordy and complicated CTA.
  • Think about the right action to use that will lead the audience to the next level.
  • Make sure to create a CTA that stands out by making sure it’s big enough to be noticed. You can use bold fonts so the audience can read them easily. 

Following these simple rules can help you create the most effective CTA for your business advertising needs. 


Calls to action are necessary for any company looking to convert prospects into consumers and clients. You can never presume prospects will follow the sales path you calculate or desire them to take as a business. Having a call to action helps direct the prospect through the sales channel and enhances their user experiences by being straightforward and telling them what they need to do next.

If you are also seeking any consultation on how you can effectively use CTAs for your business to make more sales online, you can contact us now for expert advice with the Instant Empire Marketing team.