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Podcast Advertising: Five Strategies You Must Know!

Podcast Advertising: Five Strategies You Must Know!

7.8 million Americans commute everyday for work. And we are sure you might be one of them too!

Now, what’s common amongst such a large population of Americans? Most of them tend to listen to one or two podcast episodes during their commute. In fact, Infinite Dial says that the average American audience listens to at least four to five podcasts every week.

What does this mean for a brand?

Well, it means you have another great advertising Midland TX opportunity to reach your potential audience. In this blog post, we will tell you five podcast advertising strategies that will help you get started.

  • Your audience may have a varied listening taste

The world of podcasts is wide and ever-expanding and so is the listening taste of your audience. Don’t restrict yourself to just one category of podcasts. If you think that the listeners who listen to comedy podcasts might not be interested in sports podcasts, you might be wrong! Every category of the podcast can have your potential audience. So, advertise in as many podcast categories as possible.

  • Advertise on the podcast for creating brand awareness

Podcast advertising Odessa TX is a great way to increase brand awareness. Hence, it is a fantastic option for small businesses that want their audience to know about their products, services, mission, and goals.

Yes, we know that podcast advertising might not give you measurable ROI, but sometimes organic mentions bring high-quality results in the long run.

  • Always ask the podcast host to read your advertisements

It has been observed that when ads are read by the podcast host, it provides a more personalized ad experience. Most users detest the thought of listening to third-party ads that are scripted and narrated by someone else.

When a podcast host reads ads, it is equivalent to organic mention that is more likely to get a response from your target audience.

  • You can sponsor smaller podcast shows too. In fact, it is more budget-friendly

Now, you might have the misconception that to get noticed by your audience, you need to sponsor only on bigger podcasts. Well, that’s not entirely true! As a small business, you might not have the budget to get an ad spot for the bigger podcast. Hence, you can focus on advertising on smaller podcasts.

You can choose pre-and post- credit spots for advertising rather than mid-roll as those are cheaper. Also, instead of getting just a single ad spot on the bigger podcast, get multiple ad spots on smaller podcasts and reach a greater number of audiences.

  • Test and measure

Just like any other digital advertising Lubbock campaign, you also need to test and measure your podcast advertising campaign. Test advertising on different types of podcast shows to determine which ads and podcast categories work for your brand.

Make sure to provide call-to-action buttons that prompt your audience to take action. For example, custom links, promo codes, checkout surveys, and more. This will help you measure the performance of your podcast advertising campaign.


Podcast advertising is a fantastic way to bring your brand to the market amongst your target audience. And with the rising listening potential of podcasts around the world, this form of advertising will become highly common and powerful.

So, collaborate with us at Instant Empire Marketing to get your advertising campaign into motion. Our creative team is always at your disposal!

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Custom Affinity Audience Crucial to Increase ROI

Custom Affinity Audience Crucial to Increase ROI

The right advertising Midland TX campaign will help you reach your target audience effectively. If you are already implementing a Google Ad campaign, you are on the right track.

However, if your advertisements aren’t focused and scattered to a large audience, you will find that you are not getting the conversion rate worth your monetary investment. What you need is a targeted advertising Google Ad campaign.

How can you achieve that? The answer is simple. You need to align your Google ad campaign for your affinity audience. This will help you pinpoint the specific segment of the target audience that is prime to buy your products and services. This will increase your conversion rate that will be worth your money.

But what is an affinity audience? And how can you use this feature in the Google Display Network (GDN)? Let’s take a quick look.

Affinity Audience: What is it?

If you didn’t know this already, Google’s ad network reaches more than 90% of the Internet users around the world. This means if you have the right ad campaign targeted to the right audience, you can skyrocket your conversion rate and thus increase your Return of Investment (ROI).

Hence, understanding affinity audiences will be worth your time and money.

Affinity audience has two components in terms of words: an audience which means a group of people and affinity means a special liking to a certain thing. When you combine these two you get an affinity audience which means a group of people that has a specific liking or inclination towards your brand or category of products offered by you.

If you know your buyer persona, the affinity audience will be quite closer to it. Using an affinity audience will help you find customers that align with the mission, vision, and goals of your brand.

Custom Affinity Audience

Now, if you thought that you need to scour the Internet to find your affinity audience, you are in for a surprise. You can actually create your affinity audience on the Google Display Network for your advertising Odessa TX campaign.

Based on your market research, you can create a custom affinity audience based on four criteria viz. interests, URLs, location, and applications. Amongst these four criteria, make sure to emphasize URLs and interests.

Focusing on these two aspects of your advertising will help you identify your custom affinity audience effectively. But how do you create your affinity audience in GDN?

Creating Custom Affinity Audience in GDN

All you need to do is follow these five simple steps to build your custom affinity audience.

  • Start by logging in to your Google Ads account
  • Click on “Tools and Settings”. Choose “Audience Manager”
  • Choose “Custom Segments”. This will allow you to choose custom features for your affinity audience.
  • Start entering the name of the segment and interests.
  • Save this segment.

Yes, that’s it! As per your requirement, you can create multiple segments for an affinity audience. If you want to know more about building an effective digital advertising Lubbock campaign for your brand, get in touch with us at Instant Empire Marketing.

Finding the right audience to increase your ROI, we will assist you in achieving every marketing goal you have. Our team will bring the best ideas and strategies to the table.

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Four Ways to Overcome iOS 14 Update Advertising Challenges

Four Ways to Overcome iOS 14 Update Advertising Challenges

According to the latest statistics provided by Statista, the number of Apple iPhone users in the US has increased exponentially. Where in 2020, the number was at 113.5 million, it is set to increase in 2022 and reach up to 118 million.

This indicates that more percentage of the population will use Apple iPhone in the upcoming days. But how is this statistic relevant to advertisers and marketers? Well, the more people use Apple iPhone, the more control they will have over what private information they share, all thanks to the new iOS 14 update.

The new iOS 14 update allows the users to opt-in or opt-out as to whether an app can track their activity outside the platform.

However, the main feature of digital advertising in Lubbock is tracking the shopping behavior of the users online. If the advertiser can’t track this online activity, they won’t be able to offer personalized ads. Also, the ads will be displayed at a lower rate reducing the conversion rates for brands online.

Most brands and advertisers were stumped with the question, “How to overcome these advertising challenges posed by the iOS 14 update?

At Instant Empire Marketing, we have the answers for you. As a brand, you want your ads to reach a greater number of people irrespective of whether they opt-in or opt-out of sharing their online behavior. Here’s how we can help you reach that goal.

  • Ads spend diversification

Although 90% of people are opting-out of tracking changes, brands can start by diversifying the ads spend.

The best way is to allocate the ads spend on social media platforms such as Facebook to Google. This will help you track behavior based on buying intent of the users. You will still be able to know what your potential audience is interested in buying by their search online.

  • Use Google Analytics to report Facebook ad campaign success

So, you might be spending some of your budgets in social media marketing in Lubbock on platforms such as Facebook.

However, you must start using Google Analytics to report the success of your social media marketing ad campaign. Use the UTM features of your website URL to report the success of your ad campaign on Facebook.

  • Retargeting or finding lookalike audiences

Go old school and use your owned data to retarget your ad campaign or find a lookalike audience. You might already own some customer information such as email addresses. Switch to using email marketing and retarget your audience.

However, you need to remember that not all ofyour audience is using iOS, so you can still use your older methods to a target lookalike audience.

  • Other Facebook advertising options

Now, with the iOS 14 update, you certainly can’t keep using the regular Facebook advertising options. However, there are a few other options provided by the platform. For example, you can create a chatbot for your audience who want to interact with your brand and know more.

Yes, advertising after the iOS 14 update has become a bigger challenge. However, it is not impossible to reach your target audience.

You can always get in touch with our team of professional marketers at Instant Empire Marketing. We are a leading digital marketing company in Texas offering high-quality advertising and marketing services to brands.

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