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Five Tips to Help You Revive an Old Blog Content

Five Tips to Help You Revive an Old Blog Content

Julie Fleischer, the VP of Marketing at Neustar has said that content marketing brings 4x ROI as of traditional marketing expense.

And this is absolutely right!

Writing blog content for your brand might not seem like too much. But it is elemental to boost your SEO Lubbock TX. The use of effective keywords, value content, and efficient link building can bring you outstanding results.

However, there is one catch! Sometimes it gets difficult to create new blog content for your brand. This can be due to a lack of time or resources. In such a case, you can turn to your older blog contents and revive some of them.

Make sure to revive those blog contents that have evergreen value information. Reviving a news article won’t be beneficial. To ensure that you revive blog content effectively, here are some tips.

  • Include new keywords

While reviving old blog content, there can be two possibilities. Either, you had no idea about SEO, so your content doesn’t have keywords. Or you knew about SEO at the time and included keywords according to the ranking at that time.

So, you must start by finding new keywords based on search volume and include them in your older blog content.

  • Focus on on-page SEO

When you are reviving old blog content, focus on updating your on-page SEO. This will include updating meta descriptions, SEO title tags, article subheadings, and titles. When you update these Lubbock SEO components, you will increase the SERP rankings.

Increasing SERP rankings will definitely boost the SEO of your blog content and thus your website.

  • Content update

Don’t forget to do the most important thing! Update the content of your old blog. You can start by removing any content that is old and is not relevant. This can be followed by adding new content that is relevant and provides value to the information.

While you are updating the content, make sure to focus on internal linking.

  • Internal links update

As mentioned above, you need to focus on updating internal links. Start by looking for broken links. If there are some, you must remove them immediately. Broken links result in 404 errors. This will reduce the quality of your SEO.

You can update the links by adding new internal links. This means you can add links to other relevant blog posts from your website. This will tremendously improve your SEO, content quality, and keep your visitors stay longer on your website.

  • Add new videos and images

Make sure to remove older images and videos from the blog content. Start with adding new images and videos that are relevant to your content and the time. This will help you make your content attractive, increase traffic to your website.

Apart from these tips, remember to publish the content on a new date. This will bring the blog content to the forefront and boost your overall traction.

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Tips to Create Effective Video Content for Your Small Business

Tips to Create Effective Video Content for Your Small Business

Now, let’s be honest! When it comes to creating effective paid social media campaigns, video content plays a major role. Videos have always shown that they are the most easily consumed type of content amongst the audience.

In fact, recent survey research conducted by Wyzowl shows that 96% of consumers started watching more videos in 2020. Moreover, videos seem to bring more attention and generate leads for a business. This makes video content a crucial aspect of social media marketing Lubbock for a small business.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating awesome video content for your social media paid ad campaign. To ensure that you create the finest video, here are a few tips from our expert team of marketers at Instant Empire Marketing.

  • Use existing resources

Now, when it comes to making video content, you might be tempted to invest in high-tech cameras and editing software. Well, you don’t necessarily need to do that. Instead, you can use the resources you already have.

You will have someone on your team who will have the latest smartphone with a high-quality camera. That’s it! You can use the smartphone to shoot a fantastic video showcasing your business, products, and services. And you can get video editing software at a quite cheaper price.

  • Get great lighting

You need to get great lighting when shooting videos for your business. With high-tech cameras, adjusting light is easier, however, with smartphones, it can be a little tricky.

But you don’t need to get high-tech lighting gear, instead, you can rely on natural lighting. Let the face of the subject have maximum lighting so that they are seen clearly. You can stand by the window with maximum lighting or just go outdoors.

  • Consider the video length

Take a moment to think: What would you be interested in seeing more? A quick 30-45 second video or a 3-minute video? If you are like most people, you will certainly prefer a 30-45 second video rather than a longer version.

Hence, the video length matters the most. Your video needs to give the audience a quick glimpse into your business or product. Moreover, you will post these videos on social media Lubbock and these platforms love short-form videos. Hence, you need to consider the video length.

  • Work on audio quality

Even if you make a fantastic video but it has garbled audio, it won’t work! So, you must work on your audio quality. If you are using a smartphone, you can use royalty-free music or voice-over.

However, the best way is to upgrade the microphone with your smartphone camera. And avoid covering the microphone when using it. With the best audio, your video content will reach your target audience easily.

If you want more suggestions on how to create fantastic video content, get in touch with us at Instant Empire Marketing. We work with small businesses to help them achieve success in their social media marketing Odessa campaigns.

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Don’t Struggle to Make Consistent Online Content with These Super-Smart Methods

Don’t Struggle to Make Consistent Online Content with These Super-Smart Methods

As most of us are already aware that social media is the key to growing your business and converting it into a brand. But this is easier said than done!

One of the biggest struggles that brands face is creating content continuously that stays relevant with the target audience. There is always a dread amongst the team when the new calendar month starts, and they have to come up with exciting new content ideas.

And this is not just limited to big businesses, in fact, small businesses and influencers also face the same issue: How to create content online that is relevant to the audience?

Now, if you thought there is some quick way to create online content easily, you are mistaken! You need to put some effort into coming up with ideas. However, instead of doing too much hard work, you can do smart work! Here’s how.

  • Repurpose your old content

So, you might have published content from the very first day of your social media marketing campaign. Well, it’s time to go back in time and look at the older content and find ways to repurpose it.

And you can do it by taking older content from external and internal sources. Externally, you can browse all your social media accounts and look for any content that you can repurpose. You can create new videos, graphics, images, podcasts, and more such engaging content.

Internally, you can look at a similar theme in your daily or weekly meetings with your team. For example, you can share what you are currently working on to create anticipation amongst your audience. Or just share a simple Monday motivation quote. Online content, sorted!

  • Create content in one format and transform it into other formats

So simply put, you can convert your brand-new content into multiple formats. Videos can become blogs, graphics, and audio podcasts. Similarly, graphics, audio, and blogs can become other content formats.

For example, you created a video showcasing a new product launch. Transcribe the video to get blogs for digital marketing. Take a quote or powerful message from the same video to create an image and/or graphics for social media. Again, take the same video, cut it into shorter snippets and post it on social media as short videos. Take the video and expand it into an audio podcast.

That’s it! One single video but multiple content formats for different marketing strategies.

Final Takeaway

Consistently creating content online can become difficult and tedious. Sometimes you might feel that you are running out of ideas. Therefore, repurposing your older content and converting it into different formats will make sure you have ample online content in store.

And if you still need creative online content ideas, get in touch with us at Instant Empire Marketing. We are a leading digital marketing company in Texas that works with small businesses to boost their digital marketing campaigns.

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