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Three Types of Market Competitors You Must Know About

Three Types of Market Competitors You Must Know About

If there is any business function that you must pay a lot of attention to, it is none other than marketing Midland.

Effective marketing of your business, its products, and values will help you reach your target audience easily. And there are different types of marketing strategies that you can use to achieve your goals and vision.

But there is one thing common for all marketing strategies. And it is finding and knowing your market competitors. Yes, that’s right! Marketing is not just about promoting your brand and products, but it is also knowing your competitors. According to a survey conducted by Crayon in 2020, any business will have an average of 29 competitors. Understanding what your competitors are doing right will help you implement the right marketing strategy for your business.

Now when you are doing market research to find your competitors, there are three types of competitors you should focus on. In this blog, we will brief you about them.

  • Direct Competitors

Whenever you think about your market competitors, you will instantly think about direct competitors. These businesses are offering the same service or products as your business.

The most popular examples of direct competitors include Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola, Apple Vs Android, and more. And it’s not just bigger brands that face direct competition. Even your small business might have direct competition in the region.

One thing you need to know about direct competition is that it becomes difficult to tempt your target audience to buy your products if they are buying from your competitors. This is a zero-sum game! So, you need to always up your game to move ahead of your direct competitors with the help of top marketing firms in Texas.

  • Indirect Competitors

A business that falls in the same category as yours but offers different products to solve the same problem is your indirect competitor.

For example, McDonald’s and Taco Bell are indirect competitors. They are in the fast-food industry with a similar vision to provide quality food to people. But they offer different menus. On one hand, McDonald’s is popular for its burgers and fries, Taco Bell offers a variety of different tacos.

Although with indirect competitors, it is not a zero-sum game. In the above example, if people are not satisfied with the taste and quality of food from one outlet, they will surely visit the other to check out their menu.

  • Replacement Competitors

These competitors are hard to spot in the market. Replacement competitors will be businesses that want to solve the same problem but offer alternative products.

The classic example of replacement competitors is a coffee shop and a restaurant. Both will offer products for hungry people, but their method is alternative to each other. On one hand, coffee shops will offer products that are on the go, restaurants offer products that will want the customer to sit and enjoy.

In simpler terms, your customers have got an option to buy a replacement using the same resources. This makes it tough to spot these competitors and work on moving ahead of the competition.

Bottom Line

Spotting your competitors in the market is crucial to making a strong foothold for your business. And we at Instant Empire Marketing are here to assist you.

We are amongst the leading Texas marketing firms that assist you in thorough marketing research, finding your competitors, and creating a working digital marketing strategy for your business.

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