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About Us

It Costs More Than Money To Have A Business

We know that starting and running a small business is stressful on its own. When your business is growing or recovering slower than expected, the stress levels are at an all-time high. You have tried doing your own small business marketing, but it takes too much time away from maintaining your small business or you are sacrificing time with your family to get it done.

You have hired a marketing company and have had bad experiences with poor results. You feel like you have tried everything, and probably did a lot of things right. We’ve worked with a lot of business owners, and the bridge between your small business, and the empire it could be, is a great marketing strategy.

Our Services

Experience and Quality is Priceless

At Instant Empire Marketing, LLC we are obsessed with seeing your business grow and succeed.
We serves in Midland, Lubbock, Odessa, San Angelo, Abilene & surrounding areas of Texas, our agency focuses on building you the most profitable marketing strategy so you have all the tools you need working together so your small business can win. One size fits all does not work in the marketing world!

We believe that it is important to study your primary competitors so we can help you dominate your market. You keep your friends close, and we’ll keep your enemies closer. We are so confident in what we do that we believe marketing your business should be better than free. Good marketing should be profitable. We are working around the clock to achieve your goals and surpass them. When you partner with us you will have a team prepared to deliver new territory.

Business Consulting

We’ve worked with a lot of business owners, & the bridge between your small business, and the empire it could be, is a great marketing strategy.


we design & develop powerful websites that allow our clients to effectively manage and market their products.


Our in-house SEO experts identify how to increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic by improving your visibility on search engines.

Digital Marketing

Our in-house SEO experts identify how to increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic by improving your visibility on search engines.


We design beautiful & functional advertising materials that offer bespoke solutions with a compelling aesthetic.

Photo & Videography

An Explainer Video for your product helps your audience get inspired and buy your product, increasing your overall sales.

Our Strategy

We Know What It’s Like

We know what it’s like to be in a position where you must attract new customers to keep your business operating.

We know what it takes to strategically keep your business moving in a positive direction even when the world is falling apart around you.

Instant Empire Marketing, LLC uses strategies, that is based on real-world experience and constantly updated data, to bring your online presence to life and start making you money.

Our team of experts has reduced marketing down to a science. By using updated metrics to measure and adjust your unique strategy, we deliver nothing less than the highest-level results to your small business.

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Schedule A Free Consultation

Meet with an empire coach to start planning your winning strategy.

Step 2:

We Deploy Your Strategy Online

We build your website, perform SEO, synchronize your social media, plan your ad campaign, and build your support system for your strategy.

Step 3:

Watch Your Business Grow

Together we will take your business to incredible heights.

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Our Vision

Get Excited About Your Business Again

At Instant Empire Marketing, LLC we know that you are the kind of person that wants to be successful.

For that to happen you need to see consistent growth in every aspect of your business and life. The problem is that you are having a hard time finding and attracting new customers, which makes you frustrated. We believe that growing your small business should be a fun and exciting adventure. It’s understandable that you are not feeling excited about your small business right now. That’s why we have hired the best team in the industry to execute your custom marketing strategy and put the excitement back in your life. We make the process incredibly simple. Just schedule your free consultation, we’ll deploy your strategy online and then you can watch your business grow. So, schedule your appointment now, so you can stop being frustrated, and start being excited about the future of your small business again.

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